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“A Communication Intermediary (CI) assists victims, witnesses and accused people who have speech and language disabilities to understand questions and to communicate answers effectively when communicating with police, legal or justice professionals.”

(Reference Communication Disabilities Access Canada)

Currently in Ireland there are no official mechanisms for accessing intermediaries, and yet there are many people with communication difficulties who are unable to represent themselves independently and effectively within the court system, even though they have the capacity to do so. 

A person with a communication problem, such as an acquired brain injury, can struggle with understanding and speaking in many situations, and this is likely to be more acute in the stressful context of legal proceedings. Therefore, it is important that they can access an intermediary if this is required.

In my expert reports, I recommend access to an intermediary for clients when I feel this is appropriate. This is particularly important in instances where a person has a lack of social supports, or if there is conflict within their close relationships. 

If requested, I can then follow up on sourcing a speech and language therapist who could act as an intermediary.

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What My Clients say

Ms. Coyle is helpful, attentive to detail and establishes an easier rapport with individuals-making assessments much less daunting
Ciara McPhillips
Senior Associate Solicitor
Linda’s expert reports are detailed, thorough and objective. She provides a prompt professional service and is always available to discuss any issues that may arise. I have no hesitation in recommending her as an excellent Speech and Language Therapist medico legal expert
Paul Kelly,
Solicitor, Cian O’ Carroll Solicitors

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