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Communicating with adults with a communication disability

Engagement in the legal system relies heavily on spoken and written language. A person with a communication disability, for example as a result of an acquired brain injury, can struggle with many aspects of communication. While a speech problem can be very obvious, difficulties with understanding language can be easy to miss. Miscommunication can arise, particularly if someone is able to engage in casual conversation, but they are not able to take in more complex or abstract information. It is important that legal professionals working with a person with a communication disability have an understanding of the unique needs of that person and how to communicate with them. 

I provide training to the legal profession on how to communicate effectively with adults who have a communication disability. Contact me to find out more. 

Linda Coyle during communication training session


Voice care for professional voice users

Professional voice users are people who rely on their voice for their job. Solicitors and barrister, by the very nature of their work, rely heavily on their voices to do their job effectively. I provide training on voice health in order to prevent voice problems and also provide voice therapy for professionals who are experiencing issues with their voice such as vocal strain or vocal (singer’s) nodules.


What My Clients say

Ms. Coyle is helpful, attentive to detail and establishes an easier rapport with individuals-making assessments much less daunting
Ciara McPhillips
Senior Associate Solicitor
Linda’s expert reports are detailed, thorough and objective. She provides a prompt professional service and is always available to discuss any issues that may arise. I have no hesitation in recommending her as an excellent Speech and Language Therapist medico legal expert
Paul Kelly,
Solicitor, Cian O’ Carroll Solicitors

Expert Witness Services

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